local-independant hearing specialists


K Thompson

My favorite saying used to be; It’s not that I’m going deaf, it’s that I don’t hear properly. That was until I visited Hearing Care at Forster and Port Macquarie and realised that this is not necessarily the case. Hearing Care have a very good hearing aid from Widex and to my amazement when I was fitted with this aid I heard this buzz and was delighted to see was a fly passing by.

It shows how the hearing aids of today are so much better than they were in the olden days when people as they became more deaf, the technology couldn’t keep up as it does today. My mother started to go deaf in the early 20’s and as she became deafer, her hearing aids couldn’t cope. Towards end of her life she was blind and profoundly deaf.

I have been to other Hearing Providers and haven’t received the caring attention and friendship that I have received from Alex and Michael at Hearing Care. As technology improves, so does my hearing. I am currently using Widex Clear 440 Fusion hearing aids and have very good hearing. 

Thanks Hearing Care.

A Hawkins

Having been a resident in the Camden Haven district for 23 years, I have had time to associate and recognise the ability of most of the business people and utilise their recommendations.

In December, 2001 I was hospitalised with severe facial shingles. Losing all hearing in my left ear and partial in my right ear. With this condition I was recommended to contact Hearing Care, a local Company to restore hearing. This eventuated in 2002.

Since that time, due to the diligent attention of Michael McIntosh, my hearing has been maintained at all times. Michael always makes himself available to attend all minor and major problems which may occur. Any person with a hearing problem realises that these inconveniences can and do happen.

I wish to thank Hearing Care for giving me the opportunity to praise their excellent service.